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“It’s the balance between herbal Mass-Gainer, diet and the required exercise that ensures a magnificent physique”

Men with an outstanding physique have a gravitational personality which makes them stand apart from the normal crowd. Their masculinity speaks for themselves and is often the first choice of those pretty ladies. You may have witnessed the rise in gym membership throughout India. Many adults aspire to have the machismo look and workout rigorously in the gymnasium to have those cuts and muscle bulges along with the 6-pack, but only a few develop them. Our article briefs the reason why Men are unable to gain mass in-spite of their dedicated workout and diet.


The human body has hidden potentials which few people are aware of. The need is to trust our ancient medicine practice which had once revived Lord Lakshman, it is the Ayurvedic Medicine. Yes, it is very much possible to gain muscle with herbal MASS GAINER CAPSULE. Following the instructed diet, exercise and with regular consumption of Ayurvedic Mass-Gainer even you can have your dream body dimension. There are many herbs which are found in India only having unimaginable curing substances and the energy-enhancing capacity, but as time advances herbal awareness in Indian decreases because reliance is more on Western health supplements. Ayurveda has its natural approach in treating health issues. It only uses herbs in preparing the medicines and the same herbal-blend is used in the formulation of Mass Gainer pills to increase body mass and weight.


When we talk about Muscle growth it is the protein we are referring to as it’s the major source that builds muscle. The Mass Gainer capsule contains the powerful herbal mix which stimulates and revives the process of protein production in the body.

Digestive Function – During digestion food breakdowns and the body absorbs vitamins like calcium, carbohydrates, protein. It is therefore advised to consume vitamin and mineral-rich healthy food. But Men are still not able to gain body mass even after maintaining a healthy diet and workout. The reason is poor digestion as the process of effective food breaks down and mineral extraction doesn’t perform well. The Ayurvedic Mass-Gainer capsule resolves the irregularities in the digestion process. Since it’s the natural characteristic of herbs to cure the root cause, Mass Gainer Capsules targets to heal the problem causing area. It contains health enriching herbs that revive the digestive abnormalities. Mass-Gainer capsule facilitates enzymatic activity to efficiently breakdown the food so that the protein and other minerals are absorbed well in the body. It further channels the required nourishment to reach various body parts stimulating their normal functioning. Mass-Gainer stimulates effective digestion and helps with the required protein supply in building body mass.

  • Herbal MASS Gainer capsule is composed of powerful herbs like Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Kaunch Beej, Singhara, Kala-jeera, Saffron and Chamomile. These herbs are known as the best health revivers.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety by reducing the cortisol levels and boosts energy and stamina.
  • Regular use of Mass-Gainer capsule minimizes lethargy and helps lead an active lifestyle. It nurtures health-boosting effects and strengthens the body immune system.
  • Regulates the metabolism at an optimal level to increase active intake of macronutrients to gain muscle mass.
  • Regulates intestinal function to better absorb nutrition and slows the absorption of carbohydrate thereby increasing appetite. Cinnamon is the performing herb that effectively enhances the intestinal function.
  • Mass gainer capsule stimulates the development of extra calories in the body that is needed to gain muscle mass.
  • Two capsules of Mass Gainer daily fulfils daily nutrition requirements.
  • How to Use
  • 1 capsule is directed per day post-meal preferably with milk. After consulting with the physician dose can be increased to 2 capsules a day, but not more than two.
  • Regular intake of mass gainer capsules is advised for effective results.
  • Do not accept if the packet is found tampered.
  • Best to use before 24 months from the date of manufacturing.

With Mass Gainer Capsules an optimum nutrition intake is suggested. It’s the balance between herbal Mass-Gainer, diet and the required exercise that ensures magnificent physique.

  • Ayurvedic Mass Gainer is an ayurvedic weight gainer capsule which assures positive results.
  • Herbal health supplement, Mass Gainer capsules can be consumed by both Males & Females
  • The Health enriching capsule boosts muscle development and increases body mass
  • Mass-Gainer is certified by the FSSAI, GMP, ISO & HACCP
  • Clinical-approved and lab-test authenticated including medical expert certification
  • What You Should Not Do
  • With weight gainer capsule regular workout is a must else you will gain weight but not the desired body shape. Burning out calories is important.
  • Consume plenty of water to reduce the toxic level in the body.
  • Do not administer intramuscular injection like Synthol or inject oil or Testosterone to increase the volume of biceps, triceps, calf muscles when consuming Mass Gainer capsule as it may have serious side effects.

We advise you not to play with your health using steroids to build body and increase muscle-mass rather we encourage you to rely on herbal-dietary and natural health therapy. Consume mineral-rich foods for a healthy lifestyle. Use our herbal supplement capsule for gaining body and muscle mass. It has no side-effects and is made of natural herbs.

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