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  • Ayur 69 capsules are prepared in stringent quality conditions using 100% locally sourced herbs and condiments and other natural ingredients authentic to Indian origins.
  •  The ultimate gateway with all their natural herbs and ayurvedic properties provides the much-required burst of energy that boosts stamina and guarantees improved performance.
  •  It contributes to greater confidence, reduced stress levels, and happy and healthy life.
  • It is safe and secure and no side effects.
  • 100% Pure Ayurvedic Product.
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Ayur 69 capsules is the latest addition to the wide assortment of the Health & Wellness product range offered by Mahalaxmi Sansthan Private Limited.

Ayur 69 capsules are prominent and highly trusted male enhancement products available in the Indian Market. Ayur 69 capsules are developed from a tried and tested formula derived from purely natural and locally sourced ingredients by a team of medical experts to provide greater stamina and improved performance while keeping the side effects to a bare minimum.

Unlike other health and wellness products available in the market, Ayur 69 capsules pride themselves on using natural herbal ingredients authentic to Indian origins that led to the Ayur 69 capsule topping the list of one of the safest and accepted wellness products amongst the people.

Benefits of Ayur 69 capsules

Ayur 69 capsules, is the ultimate gateway with all its natural herbs and ayurvedic properties, provides the much-required burst of energy that boosts stamina and guarantees improved performance.

Ayur 69 capsules are also safe and secure with no known side effects due to the minimal use of artificial ingredients making it the ideal product for use in the long term that guarantees maximum pleasure with no ill effects.

In addition to the direct benefits, Ayur 69 capsules also contribute to greater confidence, reduced stress levels, and happy and healthy life.

Key ingredients


“Saffron crocus” is rich in antioxidants that boost blood testosterone levels which make it a good enough reason to include it in the Ayur 69 capsules.


Shilajit Shudh is referred to as “asphultum” or “mineral pitch ”substance found in the rocks of the Himalayas which is formed due to the slow decomposition of plants. It is an abundant source of minerals and fulvic acid which has a dual-purpose function as an antioxidant and a diuretic.

Gokhru, also known as the infamous “Devil’s weed” or “Puncture Vine,” is a herb authentic to Indian origins that acts as a great natural stimulant, providing a source of renewed energy and vigor, which increases the natural testosterone levels and ensures better performance.


Clove(Lang), more commonly referred to as “cloves” in the Western world which is a sweet-smelling, flower bud from a tree native to Indonesia which is commonly used as a spice and condiment for South Asian dishes, is well known for its many healing and enhancing properties that keeps any disorders and related problems at bay.


Kaunch Beej or cowhage falls under the category of legumes and is a rich source of protein which works as an effective aphrodisiac whilst improving mobility and agility of the various bones and joints of the human body.



Shatavari being a plant generating from the asparagus family, commonly available in India and the Himalayas has been a key ingredient for Ayurvedic medicines since yesteryears as it is considered a nourishing tonic that improves general health and fertility.



Kapur or “Camphor” is derived from distilling the bark and wood of the Camphor tree and being part of the Ayur 69 capsule, it plays its part as a natural suppressor of libido and an excellent organic stimulator that immensely improves the overall experience.



Ashwagandha is an ancient medicinal herb authentic to parts of India and the Middle East with its roots and berries being used for various medical purposes and its used in the Ayur 69 capsules as it aids in the process of pumping high levels of testosterone and improving fertility.


Safed Musli is a rare herb found in the tropical wet forests of India bearing the scientific name “Chlorophytum Borivilianum” and is a well renowned age-old tonic that effectively stimulates the senses and enhances performance.

87 reviews for Ayur69 Male Enhancment Capsule for one Month

  1. Raghav

    Rates of the products are very normal & Products results are the best.

  2. zaminsaifi1937

    pehli baar mujhe kisi medicine ne size me result diya hai sultan night kamaal ki cheez hai yrr

  3. Vikas

    valuable product

  4. Nikhil

    meine use kiya hai acha hai ye

  5. Monu

    nice product

  6. Shailesh

    Best Product

  7. saurav

    bohot acha hai

  8. Hunny

    bhai bohot achi davai or yha ke sabhi dr. bhi ache hai

  9. karan

    acha hai

  10. Rakesh

    I hope that everyone can get same result as me after using these pills. I am simply shocked how well they do.

  11. Raghav

    Not so good products

  12. Saaransh

    This tablets really improve the sex capacity. Thank you.

  13. Tushar

    I was suffering from the erection problem since last 2 years. I had tried various products advertised in news papers or TVCs. I was very depressed with this as my married life was badly affected.

    Ayur 69 has really helped me a lot, although it took a week’s time to show the effect, but now I am happy and confident and we started enjoying our married life. Thanks to Ayur-69.

  14. Vishesh


  15. Saurabh

    Can’t get effective results

  16. Arjun

    I appreciate the makers of Ayur 69, they have really made such a wonderful product. Additionally my energy levels are also good throughout the day.

  17. Vicky

    Fabulous product. And it is 100% organic so it is safe to use. Every one can use it without any doubts. Highly satisfied with performance. No side effects. Awesome purchase.

  18. Harmeet

    Not so satisfied product

  19. Abhay

    बहुत अच्छा है मर्दों के लिए तो वरदान है यह कैप्सूल्स कोई साइड इफेक्ट्स नहीं है!

  20. Srikant

    I saw facebook advertisement about this product and place an order for this product with curiosity as I was not enjoying my married life, I saw a great amount of difference in my sexual life with this herbal medicine better with no side effects on body, Now I feel mostly happy with my life partner as it brought happiness in our married life.

  21. Ajay

    Satisfactory results

  22. Ravi

    I like this very much

  23. Riddhesh

    Really good and effective product.

  24. Atish

    Super star product! Helped me have exciting nights just after my marriage

  25. Aakash

    This is very very effective! I am now very happy with my married life as I am able to spend good time with wife!

  26. Rajesh

    Worst product

  27. ashu

    best result

  28. shiva

    acchi dwai hai

  29. kamal

    main ye dwai 1 month se kha rha hu accha fayeda ho rha aage ka bhi corse pura krne k liye oarder kiya hu

  30. ishwar

    ek number capsule hai

  31. sanket

    bohot acchi hai

  32. prabhu

    main ye dwai kha rha agr apko sex se sambhaddit koi samsyaan h to aap bhi jaur sevan krna

  33. shubham

    maine bhi ordaer ki hai ye dwai mere dost ne btaya tha usko accha asar hua isse

  34. akhlesh

    maine bohot sare tarike apnaye lekin koi kaam nhi aya fir maine ayur69 capsule ka add kekha ayur69 ke sevan se mujhe accha fayda hua abhi mera corse chal rha h

  35. sitaram

    maine bhi dubra order kiya hai bohot achi or jdli asar krne vali dwai hai

  36. arjun

    best sexual medicine in india.

  37. krishna

    nice medicine. abhi mera corse chl rha h

  38. lucky

    my name is lucky i used this medicine i got good benefit from it

  39. gulshankumar

    medicine is beneficial

  40. ramu

    good product

  41. harish

    sari preshani dur ho gyi

  42. prabhat

    badhiya fayeda hua

  43. raguveer

    kya main ye medicine kha sakta hu meri shadi nahi hui hai meri umar 23 saal hai

  44. rustam

    mai ayur69 capsule kha rha hu

  45. shamu

    meri dwai khtam ho gyi hai ab mujhe aage ka corse bhi krna hai kya uske liye mujhe docter se baat krni hogi?

  46. harish

    best medicine

  47. shiva

    maine dwai khai lekin abhi koi asar nhi dikh rha 1week hua hai

  48. akhil

    पार्टनर को संतुष्ट नहीं कर पा रहा हूँ क्या ayur69 से समस्या दूर हो जाएगी



  49. jonsen

    i live in dubai i had sexual problem i saw ayur69 adds and got order first i completed one month course then got two month medicine and order because i got good result from it

  50. kesha kumar

    ayur69 capsule khate vakt kya hm milk le sakte hai

  51. kushveer

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  52. divesh

    kya hum sirf spray order krva sakte hai


      ji haa kar sakte hai par samsya agar jayda hai toh iska pura hi course kariye

  53. ram

    usefull medicine

  54. ishwar

    ayur69 capsule maine use ki thi kafi sudhar hai ab

  55. keshav kumar

    good product for sexual problem

  56. rakesh singh

    I want to share this that I had a disease of erection. and it was very embarrassing, in front of my wife. when I took your treatment I got a very fast result. thank you so much Ayur 69 for the treatment.

  57. abhikant

    good product

  58. ravat

    good result !

  59. suresh

    good benefits

  60. raghuveer

    thanku so much ayur 69 !

  61. keshav

    ayur69 capsule is very strong medicine for sexual problem;s

  62. rakesh

    ayur6 capsule is good product

  63. rohan

    i used this capsule pehli baar kisi medicine ki vjh se mujhe apne sexual problem m sudhar dikha hai thanx ayur 69

  64. sandeep

    it;s really improve the sex stamina

  65. ajeet singh

    best sexual medicine in india & vry usefull

  66. jitu kumar

    main ye medicine roj kha rha hu lekin mujhe isse koi bhi side effect nhi hua

  67. jitender

    main ye tablet aur iska oil dono hi use kr rha hu

  68. ramu

    medicine leni kaisi hai isko lene se koi dikkat nhi hogi

  69. sham kapoor

    bohot achi dwai hai bhai main

  70. karan singh

    ayur 69 capsule is most popular medicine for sexual stamina

  71. paveen

    main ayur 69 capsule use kar rha hu

  72. neel

    ये दावा खाने से गुप्त रोग थिक हो सकता है ऐसा मेरे दोस्त ने कहा था

  73. mohadali

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    ayur 69 best medicine for men’s power it’s really good

  82. raghuveer

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  83. aadarsh

    i used this medicine it’s really beneficial product

  84. preetam

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  85. ajeet

    is capsule ne meri life badal di me is capsule se fully satisfied hu

  86. saurabh

    ye capsule meine order kiye or 10 days me mujhe result milne shuru hogye. Thank you YOUR HEALTH MART

  87. suresh sharma

    very cooperation staff

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