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  • Extra Size capsules are one of the prominent and highly trusted all-in-one solutions for all problems related to the male gender.
  • Extra Size capsules are developed from a tried and tested formula that has been derived from purely natural and locally sourced ingredients by a team of medical experts to provide an ultimate male enhancement solution that also helps achieve greater stamina and improved performance.
  • Extra Size capsule being the perfect choice for all men seeking to gain maximum pleasure without having to worry about any ill effects.
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Your Health Mart Extra Size capsules go the extra mile in pumping higher levels of Testosterone purely with the mix of natural herbs prepared using Ayurvedic medical processes which aid the male enhancement process, provide greater levels of energy and the strength that boosts stamina which in turn, guarantees improved performance.

Your Health Mart Extra Size capsules are also safe and secure with no known side effects due to the minimal use of artificial ingredients making it the ideal product for use in the long term that guarantees maximum pleasure with no ill-effects.

In addition to the direct benefits, Your Health Mart Extra Size capsules also contribute to greater confidence, reduced stress levels, and happy and healthy life.


Key ingredients


Shilajit is a sticky, blackish-brown tar-like substance mainly located in the rocks of the Himalayas and is organic by a product that is formed due to the decomposition of plants over time. Shilajit is an age-old Ayurvedic formula that is known to have rejuvenating properties that keep energy and testosterone levels at their peak to boost overall stamina.


Ashwagandha is an ancient medicinal herb authentic to parts of India and the Middle East with its roots and berries being used for various medical purposes and is used in the Extra size capsules as it aids in the process of pumping high levels of testosterone and improving fertility. It also dilates the blood content in the body allowing for smoother and faster blood circulation and revitalizes the balance of hormones in men quite naturally.


Gokshura, which is obtained from dried fruits of the Gokshura tree which is part of the Caltrop tree family is a tree with deep roots of Indian Origins. The dried fruits of the Gokshura tree are used in many ayurvedic preparations since the medieval times as it contains elements that set the mood and improve desire and performance levels. Extra Size capsules contain Gokshura as it is known to contain properties that increase the level of endogenous testosterone naturally which stimulates the senses and guarantees better performance.



Ginseng refers to a short, slow-growing plant with fleshy roots that is native to India and is considered to be one of the most prominent herbal remedies even in the Western parts of the World. Red Ginseng contains chemical components and medical properties that are known to boost energy levels and improves stamina, reduces stress levels, and address any issues with dysfunctions in men.

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  1. Nadish

    I have taken medicine, it is very useful medicine and my purchase of the drug has been successful

  2. kavi

    i’m satisfied this product

  3. Maan

    my problem is gone

  4. Paarth

    I give suggestions to all jinko bhi sexual
    problem hai

  5. Pankaj

    it’s really 100% natural & pure ayurveda medicine

  6. Parag

    It is very effective tablet’s



  8. nishant kumar

    valuable product !

  9. rocky

    This tablets really improve the sex capacity. Thank you.

  10. amir khan

    main bohot khush hun is medicine ko use krne ke baad mujhe iska result dikh rha hai

  11. pankaj jha

    These are 100% natural sex tablets for men without side effects.

  12. vinit kumar

    hello mera naam vinit hai maine extra size ka add dekha aur medicine order kiya abhi mujhe pehle jada furk dikhne lga hai thanku.

  13. raam

    maine bhi order kiya hai

  14. maan

    best medicine

  15. prashant

    mehngi dawai hai

  16. amit

    best medicine

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