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• Height more capsule works on all age groups, so there is no age bar anybody can have the capsule whether it is men, women, or kid.

• It has protein and calcium, which make the bone strong and strengthen it. It has vitamins and herb which make the process faster and fulfil the deficiency of nutrients.

• It is an ayurvedic composition, so it is free from artificial colour and dangerous chemicals.

• Height more capsule stimulates the cartilage’s length inside the spine and bone, which helps increase the height. It also impacts on the two types of bone cells such as Osteoclasts and Osteoblasts. These bone cells transform the lengthened cartilage and increase the bone structure which increases the height.

• This height more capsule gives strength to the cartilage besides this it also increases bone density and joint.

• It also boosts immunity, energy and stretches the bones and muscles to grow.

• It improves metabolism, releases growth hormone and also affects the eating habit of the person.

• If these capsules are combined with some stretching and calcium-rich food, they work much faster than usual. It is also necessary to not skip the capsule because it is an Ayurvedic treatment so it works slowly but surely.

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Who doesn’t want to become tall and gain a good height? In our society, people who have less height or average know the pain of not getting a good height. People gain height during teenage or puberty, but some of them cannot attain it. Less height can occur due to several reasons such as genetic, lack of physical exercise, deficiency of nutrients, etc. but this doesn’t mean that these issues can not be conquered. With the ayurvedic height more capsule these issues can be rectified.

Height more capsule is a good supplement that has protein, calcium, and vitamins. These help to increase and strengthen the spine bone which increases the height.


How to use the height more capsule

Have one or two capsules twice a day with water. You can also take it as prescribed by the practitioner.



10 reviews for Sultan Night Height More Capsule For Increase Height and Body Growth- Ayurvedic Medicine For Women/Men

  1. gautam

    bahut accha product hai mene pehli baar yeh dekha ki medicine se height bad gayi meri vrna me bahut medicine use kr chuka tha thanks alot

  2. Pooja

    Good medicine to increase height

  3. nitesh kumar

    kamaal ka product banaya hai, very good sir. meri height increase ho gayi vishwas nahi hota.

    dhanyawaad aapka

  4. rajuali

    sir ji aapki pharmacy kaha hai aapko mil kar sukhriya karna hai bahut pareshan tha sir me height choti thi choti height se bhi life me bahut problem ho jati hai par height more capsules ne meri jindgi badal di

  5. Raghav

    Best for growthing

  6. Shivam Yadav

    Really worked

  7. Jaydeep Chaudhary

    It gives positive results..

  8. Smruti ranjan pati

    Amazing product

  9. Sanjeev Bajaj

    Genuine product



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